Celine Dion’s public appearance during the Canadiens-Golden Knights game

Las Vegas | We wondered what kept Martin St. Louis in the locker room so long after the match. Frankly, we suspected it was due to the excellent performance of his players, not due to the big talk or the endless video session. This was due to a special guest who appeared in the locker room to shake hands with members of the Canadiens management. None other than Celine Dion.

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A crowd that didn’t ignore the Habs coach.

“I was happy to shake her hand and congratulate her in person. He is an inspirational person, he said. She was 14 when A Dove sang for the Pope at the Olympic Stadium. I didn’t know her very well then. It is remarkable how far she has come in her field. »

Saint Louis, nine years old at the time of Pope John Paul II’s visit, had a good memory. It must be said that this event marked an entire generation. And it was this performance that undoubtedly laid the foundation for the rich career Charlemagne’s singer enjoyed over the next four decades.

For her part, Chantal Machabi didn’t miss an opportunity to immortalize her encounter with the diva.

“Since the great turnout for our tournament yesterday in Vegas. Thank you Celine Dion for your generosity. The whole team was so happy to meet you and your family,” Canada’s Vice President, Hockey Communications, captioned a photo shared on Instagram.

We see the two women posing side by side.

It was one of the rare appearances of the singer, who announced last December that she has Morsch-Woldmann syndrome, or difficult person syndrome.

He has repeatedly postponed scheduled performances around the world due to a rare neurological disorder.

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