Les Cowboys Fringants postpone all fall shows, including a European tour

Carl Tremblay has decided to slow down, so Les Cowboys Fringeants are postponing all concerts planned for this fall, including a European tour in November.

The singer, who is battling prostate cancer, announced the news in a video posted to his Instagram account on Wednesday morning.

« [Depuis l’été], I got a lot of messages: “Take care Carl, take rest, take care of your health and your family”. I decided to listen to you, listen to myself, and take a break. So, we’re going to cancel the fall shows so I can focus on my treatments, my recovery, my physical and mental recharging and all that. To try to come back to you with more energy and in better shape,” he says.

“Cowboys need gigs,” the singer continues. We love it when things move, when people sing, when people dance with us. I’m going to put some juice back in the tank, as they say, and give the treatments a chance to take their toll and continue to work on things that are happening within me and out of my control. »

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Europe: See you next time

Carl Tremblay has assured the group’s fans in Europe that this is just a postponement.

“It’s not cancelled, it’s postponed. We don’t know when, but we’ll come to see you. I wanted to tell you that we haven’t forgotten you, we love you. »

Even when he retires, Carl Tremblay will not be idle. He hinted that he would go on stage with his friend Jean-Francois Basse and present their show. Jean-Carl’s Hut.

“We will continue to build Shake in Jean-Carl, Sitting quietly in our little town, Assumption. If you are bored with us, come and see us. »

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