Castorama DIY stores have joined the group of stores that open every Sunday. The brand took advantage of the wicket provided by law and after obtaining the status of the post office, it could work on all days of the week – the service reported newshandlowe.pl.

October 24 is the first Sunday to shop when Castorama stores open. All thanks to the agreement with Poczta Polska for the collection of parcels.

Castorama is open on Sundays. You can shop in 73 stores

A total of 73 stores of the brand are open across the country.

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Earlier, thanks to the acquisition of post office status, some stores opened on Sunday chains Żabka, Aldi, Kaufland, Biedronka, Lidl or Auchan, as well as another DIY store Bricomarche.

Sunday trading. Changes in the law

In a few months, trading on Sundays will be much more difficult. At the beginning of the week, the president signed into law a law whose goal — as announced by the presidential advisory — is to eliminate the improper application of exceptions in the law, which allow trading on Sundays and public holidays.

After the regulations come into force, postal services will be provided through contact points whose revenue from this activity will exceed 40%. receipts.

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The new regulations will enter into force on the first day of the month following the expiration of three months from the date of their publication.

ml / Zdr / polsatnews.pl / wiadoscihandlowe.pl

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