Auchan surcharges fined by the Competition and Consumer Protection Bureau

The Competition and Consumer Protection Bureau’s announcement explains that, as part of the cooperation with Auchan Polska, producers of dairy products, meat, fruits and other food products bear the costs of their delivery to the chain’s warehouses. Auchan then decides how to distribute the products to individual stores.

Memo that According to a survey conducted during the Competition and Consumer Protection Bureau proceedings, Auchan Polska charged contractors fees for transporting products from central warehouses to its stores. Head of Office He stated that it was an unfair use of a contractual advantage, Working on behalf of suppliers of agricultural food products.

– Centralized transportation of goods improves the status of the trade network. Therefore, it is not an additional service that the supplier must pay for, but an essential element of the business model of retail chains. Therefore, it is unacceptable to charge fees for transporting goods from the main warehouse to chain stores. This means financing your own activities at the expense of suppliers – emphasizes Tomáš Krestny, Head of the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection.

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Organizer Auchan Polska was ordered to cease these activities and fined the company in the amount of more than PLN 87 million. The decision is not final Oshan may appeal to the court.

At the beginning of this year the head of the Competition and Consumer Protection Bureau brought charges against Auchan Polska and SCA PR Polska, the purchasing headquarters for Intermarche stores, in connection with the imposition of transport fees and so-called retroactive discounts from suppliers of agro-food products.

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