It worked one day.  This is her pension

He means pension In Poland the total amount is PLN 3,500. However, there are special cases. The monthly salary of some retirees may be the envy of the vast majority of working people.

Last year, the record holder earned 43.4 thousand Polish zlotys. Polish zloty per month. According to Interia, this amount now amounts to PLN 48,673. Where does this astronomical amount come from? The man has more than 62 years of “clean” work, without sick leave. Moreover, he started receiving his pension more than 20 years after he passed retirement age.

In turn, an elderly woman in Bydgoszcz, who has worked for 61 years, receives the highest pension among women in Poland. According to the newspaper “Gazeta Pomorska”, the amount of her monthly allowance amounts to 33.3 thousand Polish zlotys. Total Polish Zloty.

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