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Completely relaxed for October 2021 . Through social networks, the famous Colombian actress showed off with her husband Sebastian Guido after a long recording season.

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Remembered “There is no heaven without breasts” actress He sent a message on his Instagram account, where he expressed his happiness: “Wonderful days of love, recharge, rest and great gratitude. We had a great time. “Villalobos wrote.

More than 17 million followers on his social network have seen firsthand how well the artist spent time with his wife on the beautiful beaches of Cancun. They have also seen that the Colombian does not want to pose with a dress that shows how much he weighs.

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Carmen Villalobos is happy with a few kilos

Carmen Villalobos and Sebastian Gaiseto They planned to go to Mexico to celebrate their second wedding anniversary. She wore a spectacular white dress, the same dress she wore to her wedding. However, he has not counted on the fact that he will not be leaving anymore as he has gained extra kilos in recent weeks.

“Yesterday I dressed again, it didn’t rise below my waist, it didn’t cover my back above”, Released by the Colombian actress.

Carmen admitted that he has not weighed in on himself in recent months because he is not a fan of stepping on the scale. This is because in his latest photos he shows a slight increase in weight.

Unfortunately what you say is not burdensome: ‘Oh! How I gained muscle! No, it’s pure fat. But I still like it because I look in the mirror and I’m still plump, and I say: ‘How beautiful!’ Villalobos shared through his Instagram stories.

Catalina Santana (Photo: Carmen Villalobos / Instagram) recalls enjoying the beaches of Cancun “Without Heaven There Is No Heaven”

The love story of Carmen Villalobos and Sebastian Keizito

Actress Sebastian Guizeto has been friends for 11 years and decided to reunite their lives at a media event in Colombia in 2019. After a corona virus infection and the completion of work on Colombian Telenovola “Cafe con Aroma de Mujer”, the two decided to begin their journey to North America.

Villalophos shared a photo via his Instagram, where he shared a photo with a message, noting that everyone can fulfill their dreams with a lot of effort.

What can I tell you? Those dreams come true, don’t they, my dear? When you work hard, when you always put God first in your life, when you have a better life partner, dreams come true., General.

The couple met in 2007 in Telenovela, “No one in the world is eternal” produced by Carroll TV. According to Villalobos, the actors shared roles for the first time and were not indifferent.

“Every person, on their own, looked like a very handsome guy. I looked very handsome to him and everything, but nothing. I can say that everything came later.The actress said in an interview to ‘Mass D’. However, love did not begin to be born there, but it was still high.

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