Czech President Milos Zeman in hospital.  Signing the decree

The head of the Chancellery of the President of the Czech Republic showed a video showing how Milos Zeman, a resident of the hospital, signs a decree to hold a session of the newly elected House of Representatives. The video was recorded a week ago. Thursday’s presentation came in response to accusations from the media and some politicians who questioned the credibility of the president’s signature on the document presented earlier.

In the posted video, Milos Zeman is lying in a hospital bed. Addressing the Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies, Radek Wondraczyk, present in the Hall, he announced that he would call a meeting of the newly elected House as soon as possible, that is, on 8 November. “Great,” Vondraczyk replies, and Zeman adds a quote from Niccol Machiavelli in German: “He who gains time wins everything.” Later, the tired chief closes his eyes.

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At the press conference in which the Chief of Staff of the President’s Office, Vratislav Minars, presented the video clip from October 14, he also stated that the President had assigned Wondraczyk the task of preparing for the inaugural parliamentary session before being taken to hospital on October 10.

The President of the Czech Republic signed a decree inviting the House of Representatives to convene in the hospitalChancellor of the President of the Czech Republic

accusations of lack of transparency

The video shown Thursday was the first to be shown publicly for the president in a hospital.

Zeman was admitted to the intensive care unit on October 10. The president’s office provided very brief information about his health. After the president was hospitalized, the hospital director and the attending physician refused to provide the diagnosis, citing the patient’s decision. The president’s advisers also stated that they did not have permission to inform the public of the head of state’s health.

The lack of information on this issue has caused a lot of controversy in the Czech Republic. There were accusations of lack of transparency.

Czech President Milos Zeman was admitted to hospital on October 10Martin Division / PAP / Environmental Protection Agency

Procedures for removing the president from office

On Monday, the Speaker of the Senate, Milos Westerchel, quoted a report prepared by Zeman’s attending physician at the request of his office. It indicates that the president is unable to perform his duties in the current situation. As it was added, the nature of his illness precluded a speedy recovery.

The leadership of the Czech Senate concluded that the physician’s opinion allowed the initiation of a procedure relating to Article 66 of the Constitution, which would allow for the temporary or permanent dismissal of the office of the current President. Both houses of the Czech parliament must agree on this. The duties of the president then pass to the prime minister and the presidents of the House and Senate. The procedure must be completed by November 8. On that day, the House of Representatives elected in October convened the opening session. At this point, the current Prime Minister Andrej Babis must resign from his government. The government performs its duties until the new government takes the oath.

President Milos Zeman in a wheelchairMichel Krumbhanzel / CTK / PAP

The presentation of the report of the Central Military Hospital in Prague was preceded by a statement to the press by the head of the President’s Chancellery, Vratislav Minars, who said that Zeman himself signed the decree convening the Chamber of Deputies on November 8. The Senate president was accused of playing a media game and seeking to get Zeman out of his office. He asserted emphatically that the President’s hospitalization on October 10 was pre-planned and that the President was conscious at all times.

According to the head of the Civic Democratic Party, which is part of the SPOLU and PIRSTAN coalition, which will take power in the Czech Republic, the latest information from Chancellor Mynarz has no bearing on current events related to the schedule for the transfer of power after the October 8 and 9 elections. According to the current opposition parties, the publication of the photos will not have any effect on the procedure initiated by the Senate to remove Zeman from the post of president.

Investigation of possible criminal activities against the Czech Republic

Start the procedure for art. 66 of the Constitution accompanied by information that the police have launched an investigation into a possible crime against the Czech Republic. Police authorities mentioned this on social media and stated that no further information would be provided. The investigation relates to potential criminal activities that could target the state. Criminal law includes offenses such as treason, sabotage, and attempt to overthrow state power.

The media believes that the investigators’ activities will focus on the behavior of officials from the presidential advisory who did not brief the public on Zeman’s actual health condition and confirmed that he was able to perform the duties of the head of state. Investigators will be particularly interested in the issue of the president’s signing of the decree to hold the inaugural session of the new House of Representatives on November 8. The document was presented by the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Radek Wondraczyk, who claimed that the President had summoned him to the hospital to witness the signing.

The current Czech opposition may seize powerPAP / EPA / STRINGER

The Information Security Service (BIS) announced, Tuesday noon, the start of judicial proceedings in the events related to the health of the President. According to the law, his competence is related to the protection of the Constitution and the constitutional organs of the state.

Prime Minister Andrej Babis decided, on Tuesday, that the head of the President’s Chancellery, Vratislav Minars, resigned immediately. The prime minister threatened him that if he had the powers of a head of state, he would fire him immediately.

Main image source: Chancellor of the President of the Czech Republic

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