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Peter McLeod was forced to postpone the tour of his new solo show Jen and the Guild. Struggling with the increasing tension as the premiere approaches, the comedian has decided to take a break and undergo treatment that will allow him to actually become Zen when he returns to the stage.

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He may have six solo shows to his credit and has sold over 900,000 tickets in his career, which does not prevent the comedian from experiencing great stress at the idea of ​​going back to the stage. If Entourage and the comedian had jointly decided to postpone the tour of the show, it was because, after a gap of two years, the idea of ​​going back to the stage was paralyzed. To the extent of stopping everything to begin treatment to better understand what is happening to him.

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Although the comedian is open about the reason for the postponement of his show – which should run in a few weeks – he prefers to wait until his attitude improves a bit before discussing it in an interview. However, he says it would be more convenient to raise the issue publicly if he feels ready. He explains that his approach to managing his performance anxiety and coping better with the scene is already paying off.

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The comedian will then gradually return to the stage, first attending private and corporate events starting this winter.

New tour dates Jen and the Guild Not yet known. Visitors who have purchased tickets are invited to contact the Performance Forum to determine the procedure to be followed.

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