March 28, 2023


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Cannes 2022: Bella Hadid shines with her creativity at the Film Festival!  They just looked at her...

Cannes 2022: Bella Hadid shines with her creativity at the Film Festival! They just looked at her…

Bella Hadid He is currently one of the most popular models in the world. The American star of Palestinian-Dutch descent shines in the fashion shows of the most important brands in the world. Like her sister, supermodel Gigi Hadid, she also works with top designers in the industry.

Already in 2016, Hadid was included in the rating of the 50 best models. He has also been repeatedly praised by industry professionals and has appeared in many shows during fashion’s most important holidays.

Hadid was also present at the Cannes Film Festival. The supermodel is delighted with the retro design. During the 75th International Film Festival, she presented, among other things, in a 1987 project made by Gani Versace himself.

An eye-catching black strapless dress with a peplum and bow embellished at the back. Law Roach designed Bella and chose the jewelry for this unique outfit. The heavily striped eyes gave the dress a bit of a claw.

However, this was not the only creation of Versace. According to “Vogue”, Bella She also performed on The Donatelli Project from 2001. The black outfit with a voluminous neckline and a decorative leather belt at the waist emphasizes the massive figure of the model.

The white Gucci dress is also noteworthy. According to “”, the creation was designed by Tom Ford in 1996. The magazine also asserts that the creation is one of “the rarest and most acclaimed copies in the history of this house”.

Bella was honored and delighted at the premiere of “Broker”. The natural appearance of the model was also noteworthy. The star parted her hair, put on delicate make-up and exclusive accessories in the form of diamond jewelry.

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A very elegant creation with a cutout at the hip and a gold buckle that only emphasizes Hadid’s expressive beauty. The whole was combined with excessively high sandals on a thin heel.

Bella also appeared at the Chopard party on May 25. There she also did not give up vintage, but this time it was the turn of Chanel. On the wall, she was wearing a black and white dress with large ornate sleeves.

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