Samara Weaving is going to save her ex-lover
Samara Weaving, who was most recently seen in the movies “Scream VI” and “Babylon,” will star in the action thriller “Eenie Meanie.” by Episodes of the TV series “Inna” and “Jerkin”.

What do we know about the movie “Eenie Meanie”?

The main character of the film will be a woman who, as a teenager, drove gangsters’ cars. Years later, she must return to the underworld when former bosses offer the girl a chance to save the life of her ex-husband, who has a reputation of being unreliable.

They are the producers of the movie Rhett Reese And Paul Wernickand screenwriters of the “Deadpool” trilogy, the thrillers “Life” and “Spiderhead”, as well as the comedies “Zombieland” and “Date, no pick up”.

According to Deadline portal, the final project will not be going to cinemas. It will premiere on Hulu.

Samara Textile – the main roles

The Australian-born actress appeared on screen from an early age. Her recent major roles include: monster trucksAnd “Corpo”And Three billboards outside Ebbing, Missouri.And “Nanny”Miniseries “A Picnic at Hanging Rock”And Fun at the burialTV series Hollywood And Nine strangers or scene Snake Eyes: The Origins of GI Joe.

Among her recent projects are episodic roles in films Babylon And “Sixth Scream”. The second offer was a return to work with Radio Silence Group, the makers of “Fun in the Buried.” The actress will be working on a horror film in the near future. Azrael and horror movies “the border” And “Bella”.

Trailer for “Scream VI”

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