Prequel has escaped the carnage!  HBO Max will make the series though
HBO Max has dropped project after project in recent months. However, it turned out that some managed to survive. It belongs to them “Welcome to Derry”. The platform has officially confirmed that the prequel to the hit movie series “It” based on Stephen King’s best-selling novel will indeed be created.

What do we know about the series “Welcome to Derry”?

The series takes place in the city of Derry, where children begin to disappear under unexplained circumstances. A group of kids must face their greatest fear as they encounter a killer clown named Pennywise…

The events of the series will lead to what we know from the blockbuster “this”. Dylogy director Andy Muschietti will serve as executive producer, co-writer the story, and direct several episodes, including the pilot. Jason Fox and Brad Caleb Kane were named competitors last November

Brad Caleb Kane already has episodes of the series to his credit “Fringe: On the Borders of Worlds”And “pirate”And “warrior”And “Tokyo Vice” whether “Moonhaven”. Jason Fox has worked so far on feature productions: “Ice Age 4: Continental Drift”And “Peter. Journey to Neverland”And “Wonder Woman”And “I still see you”.

About the movie “It”

The movie is about a group of seven young strangers growing up in Derry, a town in Maine, who call themselves the Losers Club. All of them have been pushed to the sidelines for one reason or another. Everyone taunts a group of local oppressors… and they all experience their fears come true, taking the form of an ancient shape-shifting monster they can only identify as.

From the beginning, Derry has been the hunting ground for this creature that emerges from the sewers every 27 years to feed on the fear of its victims – the children of Derry. In a terrifying summer full of passions, the losers unite and form close bonds with each other to overcome their fear and stop a new series of murders. Its first victim is a boy trying to catch up on a rainy day with a paper boat that fell into the mouth of a storm … into the hands of Pennywise the Clown.

Trailer for the movie “It”

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