Cabins in protected nature near Montreal

At Rawdon, in Lanaudiere, is a small haven of peace in the heart of a plot of protected nature.

From 2019 onwards, Habitat aims to provide visitors with a space where humans can coexist with nature. “The primary purpose of the page is to bring people to nature so that they realize its fragility and want to protect it,” explains Elian Cadieux, co-founder and head of creation. We hope that visitors will be inspired by their experience, creatively and confidently contribute to conservation in their everyday lives.”

Sarah Bergeron-Ollette, QMI Agency

Today, the brand has rooms at Lanateer and Outhouse, where visitors are encouraged to discover the benefits of the great outdoors.

Modern and welcoming rooms

In the 900-acre garden, there are 45 of them real architectural gems standing among the trees. Their interiors, both spacious and warm, reflect an industrial style.

Sarah Bergeron-Oullette and Elise Fiola, QMI Agency

Bathed in natural light with large windows opening onto the wooded landscape, this space is the perfect place to relax and feel connected to the outdoors.

Habitat offers a variety of room styles that can accommodate two to eight people. Each offers a large common space with an open concept living room and kitchen. The kitchen is fully equipped, providing guests with everything they need to prepare meals, which also serves as a table to share around the counter.

Everything seems designed for comfort: heated floors, a large L-shaped sofa, a small wood stove, etc.

The chalet we settled into, Le Terre-à-Terre, has three bedrooms and three bathrooms. On each side of the main wing, two private rooms invite tranquility and offer intimate soundproofed spaces. Separated from the main room by small glass corridors, these two wings each have a private toilet.

Elise Fiola, QMI Agency

In Cable, the mezzanine-style bedroom overlooks the kitchen and living room and creates an elegant atmosphere in minimal decor without obstructing the cathedral ceiling.

A carefully coordinated sauna area invites you to relax. Perfect for rewarding yourself after a day spent outside exploring the surrounding trails.

Protected and rehabilitated lands

The area around the rooms is an extension of this atmosphere designed to recharge your batteries. Nature as far as the eye can see, carefully designed outdoor spaces like winding trails and private campfires allow visitors to reconnect with the environment.

Access to the lakes and developed paths is shared between the various rooms in the garden.

Elise Fiola, QMI Agency

In the field, the company also offers rentals pods Warmed by a wood-burning stove, visitors will want to stay very close.

In total, the company is committed to preserving 80% of land acquired for residential use. Thus, only 20% of the land area is used for real estate development and creating rooms. The rest of the area consists of small outdoor installations such as paths or lookouts, but nothing more.

These recreational tourism facilities also make it possible to “open up the experience to workshops, discovery, learning,” points out Eliane Cadieux.

As such, Habitat strives to differentiate itself from a simple vacation destination. Experience teaches us to slow down, the co-founder believes. “[C’est par des détails] – Like no television on the weekend, slow but frequent cooking over the fire, long walks to be alone by the lake – we come home with a different perspective on our surroundings.

Near residence – Lanaudière

  • 1 hour 30 minutes from Montreal, in Rawdon
  • From $200 per night
  • Accepted Dogs ($)
  • 25% off stays of 7 nights or more
  • 30% off weekdays with code RELAX30
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