Stephen Russo shared photos of the renovation with his new girlfriend

Stephen Rousseau is everywhere on TV this fall… In addition to his role as a detective judge on TVA’s Santour’s Masques, he’s been featured on Radio-Canada’s STAT daily over the airwaves.

Despite his very busy schedule, Stephen found time to do some work on his new home!

We know that Stephen is in a relationship with his new girlfriend Chantal Girouard, a researcher in the world of television in Quebec. The two work together on Chanteurs Masqués on TVA… like the world is small in showbiz.

The two moved in together, using it for important work in the backyard.

When Stephen wanted to share all the “before” and “after” photos, he called it a “mega project”… and we can say that the result was a huge success!

Here’s what he shared in text along with the pictures in question:

Thanks to Rocvale & Unilock & Artis Paysage for guiding us through this mega project. You are passionate, talented people who managed to bring our ideas to life… let’s face it, a little crazy!

Here are all the pictures…and the “after” results in pictures #4, #5 and #6 are something! What a beautiful result!

Scroll down with the arrows below each photo:

1Stephen Rousseau works the yard

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