February 9, 2023


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Saudi Arabia's request |  Benedict Cumberbatch was "disappointed" by the request to withdraw from the LGBTQ show

Saudi Arabia’s request | Benedict Cumberbatch was “disappointed” by the request to withdraw from the LGBTQ show

(London) British actor Benedict Cumberbatch said Tuesday he was “disappointed” but was not surprised when he told Saudi Arabia Disney to remove “LGBTQ notes” before Marvel’s latest film hits theaters.

Released yesterday at 2:01 p.m.

“It’s hard not to get emotional about it,” said the English actor who plays the main character Dr. is strange in the diversity of madnessIt is scheduled for release in early May.

“But I’m afraid it’s an unexpected disappointment,” he continued, quoting the British news agency PA.

So far, the American entertainment company Disney has responded that it does not want to pursue the requested deletions.

Nawab al-Saban, the head of Saudi Arabia’s film classification, said Monday that lesbian superhero America Chavez was referring to his “two moms” in a questionable scene that lasted “just 12 seconds”.

Benedict Cumberbatch was nominated for this year’s Oscar for his role The power of the dogLamented that it was disgraceful that “repressive regimes” did not include everyone.

“The character is in the original comedy, which is not something we created in the name of diversity,” he added. “She’s an incredible character. And (she’s a lesbian) is just one aspect of the character. That’s all there is to it.”

Homosexuality is a capital offense in Saudi Arabia, which chooses the harshest interpretation of Islamic law, despite the fact that the kingdom has undergone social reforms in recent years.

Under the leadership of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, this conservative Gulf monarchy is open to entertainment and major world events, but political and social restrictions remain very strong. In 2017, the authorities lifted the cinema ban.

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