Lesson from Ricky Kerwais

Did you see SupernaturalWhat’s special about Ricky Kerwais’ record for Netflix?

This is one of the funniest shows I’ve ever seen.

The British comedian, best known for his teasing and his caustic comedy (he put many stars in their little shoes when he hosted the Golden Globes gala), makes fun of everything.

Catholics, Muslims, Buddhists, heterosexuals, homosexuals, whites, blacks, men, women, children, the elderly and transgender people all take it to their standards.

“You have to be inclusive of all! It is said from morning to night.

Well, Ricky Kervice does just that.

It covers everyone.

No one is left behind.

A planetary victory

Supernatural Breaking all audience records, last week became the most-watched special in the world.

This proves that the majority of people are 1) aware of the difference between humor and racism or homosexual assault, and 2) do not monarchically give what self-proclaimed fighters of social justice say and think.

Highly sensitive little rabbits can shout loudly and clearly that Ricky Kerwais is transphobic because he started his show by saying, “Do you remember when women did not have penises? (Comedy that makes everyone sitting in the room laugh), their frantic rage goes over 25,000 feet above the heads of all of Mr. and Mrs.

Because this is just a joke, Mr. and Mrs. know very well what a joke is.


A Comedy.

Funny commentary on the spirit of the times and the social changes that are accelerating at Grand V pace.

He had nothing to tear his shirt off. Or UN.

Paper Tigers

Do you know the expression “paper tigers”?

This is what Mao said about the Americans.

“American imperialism is very powerful in appearance, but there is really nothing to fear, it is a paper tiger,” Mao said in a July 1956 speech.

“From the outside it looks like a tiger, but it’s made of paper and can not withstand wind and rain. In my opinion, America is nothing more than a paper tiger. ⁇

Well, it’s the same I woke up.

Oh, they are scared I woke upWhen they roar on social media and in universities.

Wow, they seem to make sense.

But only the power given to them.

Instead of kneeling as soon as they fall, our cultural institutions will lose their claws if these “great tigers” stand up in front of these little opera priests.

Do you know how Netflix bosses responded to activists demanding a permanent ban on Ricky Kerwais from Airways?

“Did you not like Ricky Kerwais’ comedy? Well look at something else … “

They said the same thing to their “offended” employees.

“Didn’t you approve of Netflix airing Ricky Kerwais specials? Well, go work somewhere else …”

And so on.

All they have to say is one thing.

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