Previously unknown trees have been discovered.  They looked like they were from outer space

A fossil of a tree that looks like it came from an alien planet has been discovered in Canada. A team of scientists describes a 350 million-year-old fossil that looks unlike any living species. The research was published in the journal “Current Biology”. The fossils discovered are among the oldest Tree types.

They were discovered in Canada In a former lake in the northeastern part of the country. The species is named Sanfordiacolis densifolia. They did not reach any gigantic sizes, and today they hide under the crowns of other species. Scientists believe it is the closest relative of this species Uncertain seat.

The oldest fossilized trees date back to the late Devonian period, and those only date back to the early Carboniferous period Several million years younger.

The crown width of ancient trees discovered in Canada is 5 metres. Meanwhile, only the tree trunk reached Its thickness is 16 cm. Therefore, its appearance has been likened to a bottle brush. The crown of the tree resembles a dense canopy of long leaves.

Petrified trees may have survived in New Brunswick, Canada thanks to… Earthquake. Under the influence of the tremors, trees were pushed from the lake shore into the water, and the slippery material behind them pressed the leaves at the bottom. One of the five trees found was well preserved.

Based on analysis of the fossils, scientists concluded that Sanfordiacoulis optimized its growth by capturing light from the greenery in its immediate surroundings. This is evidenced by the huge leafy canopy that is disproportionate to the rest of the volume. It can hold up to 250 sheets, each expanded 1.75 meters from the trunk.

Their appearance can be compared to modern ferns or palm trees. These plants appeared After 300 million years They do not have rich leaf crowns like Sanfordiacolis. The history of life on our planet consists of stages whose creations are unlike anything we know today.

Discovering new, older tree species helps regenerate them Gaps in history. The oldest forests on Land They were not as high as modern ones. Most ancient specimens were relatively small. Sanfordiacolis had approx Height 1.5 metres.

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