View leaked titles for other free games from the Epic Games Store

Looks like we just have to find out more games that will soon be available for free on the Epic Games Store.

Well-known informant Bilbel Kun, who reported many times before official announcements, including. About PS Plus subscription content, this time he shared another leak. It turns out that From March 31, 2022 All Epic Games Store users will be able to download for free (just sign in) Total War Warhammer and City of Brass.

The information received from the respective user has been confirmed many times before. Therefore, it is possible to treat such officially unconfirmed discoveries with a high degree of confidence.

In particular, Total War Warhammer is very interesting in this upcoming free throw. Critics greeted Creative Assembly’s strategy, which combines large, real-time battles with turn-based management of an empire in a traditional brand-new way. (average 8.6/10 on Metacritic) Fans love him.

At the moment, there is a free game available for everyone on the Epic Games Store which is In Sound Mind. you can name mr.Peel at this place today only.

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