March 26, 2023


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FIFA has taken a decision on Russia! The president of the Polish Football Association is angry!

FIFA President Gianni Infantino.

FIFA has decided to sanction Russia for the hostilities against Ukraine. For many, these penalties have to be put in very large quotes. Indignation, among others, the president of the Polish Football Association Cesare Kuleza.

“Today’s FIFA decision is unacceptable to us. In the event of a war in Ukraine, we are not interested in the appearance match. Our position has not changed: the Polish national team will not play against Russia in the play-off, regardless of the name of the Russian team ”, Kulesza wrote on Twitter.

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This is the response of the PZPN chief to FIFA’s “sanctions” against Russia. The national team of this country was not excluded from the World Cup matches – this is what the vast majority of observers expected. In turn, FIFA decided that Russia would only play its home matches under the changed name … “Russian Football Federation” and without the possibility of using the flag and the national anthem.

Let’s recall that the Polish Football Association, along with the Swedish and Czech Football Federations, decided to boycott matches with Russia. The FA followed suit.

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Russia was scheduled to play Poland on March 24 in Moscow in the semi-finals of the play-off for promotion to the World Championship. Already on Saturday, PZPN, following the example of Polish footballers, announced that the Polish national team – in connection with the Russian attack on Ukraine – did not intend to play with “Sborna”.

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