Xbox Series S is accelerating. Microsoft has released additional RAM for use by developers of new games

The Redmond giant in the future may solve one of the inconveniences that the gaming community is facing. The manufacturer asked Xbox Insider Hub members about power-saving issues, suggesting that there may be a special mode in development that will slightly reduce the quality of the game, but will help save money.

There is a very difficult period ahead of Europe and the rest of the world. The energy crisis is knocking on our door, which is why more and more citizens decide to save on electricity and pay special attention to the amount of their bills. However, Microsoft can meet users’ expectations – although not everyone will probably like the idea.

Jez Corden of WindowsCentral reports that he came across a survey in the Xbox Insider app on the topic of the new feature being developed for consoles and PCs. Americans are thinking of developing a new power-saving mode that will reduce frames per second, resolution and other elements while reducing power consumption during the game.

“In the survey, users were asked about their current feelings about energy consumption, and are likely to explore how the energy crisis affects their willingness to spend. Users are asked if they are interested in features that reduce energy consumption in games, both while playing games and when they are inactive. , in order to save energy and therefore money. Microsoft is also asking how gamers like to name these features, in terms such as “environmental” and “energy saving,” and even wonders if these types of choices will influence users’ purchasing decisions.”

Of course, it is not yet known whether a similar initiative will be implemented. However, there is no doubt that Microsoft is exploring various possibilities and wants to consult it with the community.

It is worth noting that the manufacturer has already changed the names of the modes and introduced tags that allow players to choose.

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