Agata Buzek and Jacek Braciak MIZIAJA PIESKA at the premiere of “My Wonderful Life” (PHOTOS)

Agata Buzek and Jacek Prasak They never bragged about the feeling that binds them. However, media abstinence did not prevent the color press from speculating on the state of their relations. A while ago, rumors of a serious crisis were circulating that was supposed to damage the love that was blossoming between the actors. Fortunately, this speculation appears to be incorrect.

your bozk I Brassica They appeared together on Sunday at the Lower Silesian Cultural Center in Wroclaw for the film’s premiere my wonderful lifein which they both played. Agata presented herself again in a distinctive orange dress, the extraordinary beauty of which was emphasized by a dress inspired by Chinese porcelain patterns, dark stockings and black leather shoes. Her partner didn’t go crazy with the wardrobe, and she finally opted for a black turtleneck and navy blue shorts.

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Unfortunately, the actors looked pale compared to the real star of the first meeting – Helinka’s whore, who was adopted by Agata from the orphanage. The dog felt at home in a flash. He even put his stomach to be petted. After all, it was not her appearance on the red carpet. The cute little dog stood face to face with the paparazzi two years ago at the premiere coach girls. Then he took care of himself from his nerves before entering the theater. However, it can be noted that since then it has already got used to its popularity and there were no similar incidents this time.


Would you like to see more star pets on the walls?

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