Not just Piotr Adamczyk.  Polish actors in Hollywood productions

In our country, it is often said that we have significantly weak representatives, and Karolak literally grits his teeth at every step. You turn on TVP, Karolak, TVN.. Karolak, go to the cinema… Karolak. Unfortunately, few people pay attention to the fact that our compatriots are also doing well abroad – also in Hollywood. Piotr Adamczyk’s recent appearance in Disney+’s Hawkeye series gave us the perfect opportunity to remember a little bit about the Polish stars featured in America’s greatest productions.

There are not many of them, but in today’s list you will see who are from our homeland and where you can see.

Isabella Miko – Step Up, Clash of the Titans

Born in 1981, the actress has enjoyed a fairly stable position in the United States, thanks to her regular appearances in both blockbuster and blockbuster films, as well as smaller productions that aren’t quite as strong. Her most popular role is undoubtedly the performance of Alexxa Brava in Step Up 5, where she gave an interesting dance performance. In general, rhythm production is her main horse, because she also did a good job in the film in the rhythm of hip-hop 2. You will probably be more interested in her role as Athena in Clash of the Titans from 2010.

Alicja Bachleda-Curuś – Commerce, American side, Ondine

Alicja Bachleda-Curuś became famous on the Vistula primarily because she was the partner of Colin Farrell, but she really deserves our attention thanks to her acting. She may not be a first-class actress, although she can do it in the USA and every now and then she gets important roles. For example, she brilliantly starred in Ondine, where she met her future husband. Her best portrayal is as Veronica in the movie Trade.

Weronika Rosati – The Last Mission of USS Indianapolis

Unfortunately, the daughter of a Polish diplomat and fashion designer is not counted among the best Polish, or even good actresses, although she captured the hearts of American directors, thanks to which she had the opportunity to play in a very loud production along with her. Nicolas Cage. As his wife on the final USS Indianapolis mission, she did a decent job, though she had a somewhat of a supporting role—although important, it’s secondary.

Agata Buzek – Hummingbird

Jason Statham is the undisputed icon of action cinema, and the opportunity to play alongside him was Agata Buzek’s greatest foreign achievement – you might know her, for example, from the role of Bavita from the Polish film adaptation of The Witcher. In an interesting production of Koliber, the original actress played the main character’s sister, helping him recover after the war in Afghanistan. However, this production did not receive much recognition – it earned only 13 million at the box office.

Isabella Skorobko – Golden Eye

GoldenEye is perhaps one of the most famous James Bond films and is also the best performance of this character by Pierce Brosnan. So it was a great honor for Isabella Skorobko to be able to play in this movie alongside him as one of the most important characters. As you may well remember, the actress played Natalia Simonova, a second-level Russian programmer at the Severnaya satellite control center in Siberia, who was the only one who survived the attack on the station. Unfortunately, I then became an uncomfortable witness to the film’s antagonist. However, Isabella couldn’t stay on the wave, so her career abroad isn’t as big as it could be.

Rafe Zwerucha – Once Upon a Time…in Hollywood

Quentin Tarantino is one of the best directors in the world, and each of his films is a true gem that should not be overlooked in any way. Our compatriot, Ravi Zawerucha, got a unique opportunity from the cult artist to show off his skills to an international audience – he appeared as Roman Polanski in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. It wasn’t a big role, but it could become a good gateway for our actor.

Daniel Olbrychski – Salt

Perhaps there is no person in our country who does not know Daniel Olbrichki – his famous creations in Polish films are almost legendary, and the actor himself will forever remain an icon of our cinematography. It was interesting to see him in Salt alongside Angelina Jolie, who, as usual, gave an excellent display of acting skills, as our compatriot really managed to prove that the Poles are not a goose and also have their own masters of acting.

Jerzy Skolimowski – The Avengers

Piotr Adamczyk is not the first Polish to appear in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, because Jerzy Skolimowski also had literally 5 minutes there – the Polish director played a Russian agent who interrogates Natasha Romanov, the well-known black widow. His role was modest, but he played really perfectly.

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