Snowboarding at Raw Air 2022. What time are training, qualification and World Cup competitions?

The Ski Jump World Cup is broadcast on Eurosport, TVN and Player

Raw Air Ski Jump is the Tour de Ski cross-country ski course – meant to be intense, comprehensive, and prized. Winning in Raw Air, unlike TdS, does not give you an opponent in the World Cup overall standings, but the financial advantage should not be underestimated. The winner gets up to 60,000 euros.

This is the fifth edition of Raw Air. It was canceled last year due to a pandemic. The first was won by Austrian Stefan Kraft ahead of Camille Stoch and German Andreas Willinger, the second by Stoch in front of the Norwegians Robert Johansson and Andreas Sternen, and the third by Japanese Ryo Kobayashi ahead of Kraft and Johansson, and two years ago Stoch again. Kobayashi came in second and Marius Lindvik of Norway came in third.

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Video: Eurosport All the jumps of Kamil Stoch from Raw Air 2020

Snowboarding at Raw Air 2022 What is Training, Qualification and Competition?

This year’s series kicked off on Wednesday, March 2nd with qualifying in Lillehammer. The best Poles, Kamel Stoch, took fourth place. The representative of the host country, Johann Andre Furfang, won.

Five poles participated in Thursday’s competition. Piotr Żyła took eighth placeStoch ranked 10, Dawid Kubacki ranked 15 and Pawe Wąsek ranked 23. Kacper Juroszek did not qualify for the final series.

Austrian Stefan Kraft won and Japan’s Ryoyo Kobayashi came in second. Germany’s Karl Geiger came in third.

Five poles took part in Saturday’s competition in Oslo, the second in the Raw Air Series, and Stoch won the lead before the competition. He finished eleventh in the competitionWąsek was 14th, Kubacki 18th (after the first round he was fourth), and Żyła – 22nd. The winner was Norway’s Marius Lindvik.

On Sunday in Oslo, the final competition of the Raw Air tournament will take place. The qualifiers will take place at 2pm and the first series of competitions will start at 3.45pm.

In principle, up to 16 jumps had to be counted to classify the course. Two in each competition, even in team competition, and four in qualifications, which are called introductions. Now, however, nine leaps have been counted – two from the three singles and three from the introductions. Friday’s mixed tag team competition was not included in the rankings.

Two numbers contributed to the shortening of this year’s edition. In particular, the World Flying Championships will be held in Vikersund from March 11-13, and this mammoth is usually one of the Raw Air arenas. Secondly, the Trondheim facility has been demolished and is being built from scratch to host the 2025 World Cup. As a result, the course will take place only on two hills – in Lillehammer and Oslo.

Raw Air 2022. The composition of the Polish national team

Coach Michel Doyal led the jumpers who competed in Lahti last weekend: Stoch, Daoud Kobaki, Piotr Chea, Bowie Weisk, Kasper Yurzyk and Stefan Hola to Norway. In the mixed tag team competition, two of them will compete with Kinga Rajda and Nicole Kunderla.

Because of the Russian military attack on Ukraine, the Norwegian Ski Association excluded athletes from Russia and Belarus from the competition.

World Cup General Ranking

Kobayashi remains at the top of the World Cup overall standings with 1,442 points. Among the Poles, Żya and Stoch were ranked the 19th highest – both with 307 points.

In the raw air cycle classification, Austrian Stefan Kraft took the lead – 806 points, and Stoch was sixth with a difference of 37.3 points.

Raw Air 2022. Competition schedule


Wednesday 2 March
14.30 – Formal training
16.45 – Qualification (Eurosport 1, player)

Thursday 3 March
14.30 – Trial Series
16.00 – 1st series of individual competition (TVN, Eurosport 1, Player)


Friday 4 March
11.30 – Formal Training
16.00 – Mixed tag team competition (not included in Raw Air) (TVN, Eurosport 1, player)

Saturday 5 March
15.30 – Qualifications (Player)
17.00 – 1st series of individual competition (TVN, Eurosport 1, Player)

Sunday March 6
14.00 – qualifications (player)
15.45 – The first series of the individual competition

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