Brothers of Steel (2023) – Review and opinion about the movie [Gutek Film].  Even steel is not indestructible

The sons of the famous wrestler Fritz Von Erich follow in their father's footsteps. Kevin, the eldest, seems to have what it takes to be a champion. However, his father's raising and training methods are not the easiest or even the healthiest – both physically and mentally.

Hardly the third feature film in director Sean Durkin's career, it's not really another production about athletes striving for fame and glory, but a heavy drama focusing on the Bon Eric family curse that's popular among wrestling fans (mainly in America, I suspect). The director and screenwriter in one person take us on a journey that shows the chain of events that influenced the future fate of the brothers. It's one of those movies that's hard to watch, it's so emotional. However, there is a small “but”. As the show passed quickly, it seemed to me at several moments that the scenes and events presented by the director did not add anything specific to the plot. So I wonder if Durkin really wanted to show us as much of the brothers' lives as possible, or maybe these scenes are important after all, just me, as a layman on this topic (last time I watched wrestling, there were also characters like Sting or… Hulk Hogan, I don't quite understand the context.

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Brothers of Steel (2023) – Review and opinion about the movie [Gutek Film]. When your home is toxic to you

Almost the entirety of the film revolves around the familial relationship in the Von Erich household. The brothers have always been each other's best friends, they love each other, support each other, and love to be silly together. The eldest, Kevin (Zac Efron), is the self-appointed guardian of the others, followed by Kerry (Jeremy Allen White), David (Harris Dickinson) and Mike (Stanley Simmons). The brothers' relationship is truly charming and, at times, funny, which is surprising since their father (Holt McCallany) is perhaps the most toxic villain in the world. All his life, he taught his children that victory was the only thing that mattered, and that defeat was a sign of weakness, just like tears. Crying was forbidden in the Von Erich household. As if that wasn't enough, he publicly declares to everyone who his favorite son is, and always remembers to clearly state that he can change at any time.

Only Kevin, no matter how much he wants it for his brothers, has a lifeline that can help him get out of this familial quagmire. He is someone who has a crush on older brother Pam (Lily James). When he meets his idol, he discovers that he has probably never talked to a woman before, so he quickly takes the initiative and somehow “draws” Kevin out of the darkness of living under the same roof with his coach, who is also your father. . In terms of plot, the film simply narrates the boys' lives, showing how the curse can take its toll. The director takes us through the full range of emotions – joy, sadness, anxiety, grief, anger, grief, love, grief, sympathy, grief – and then finishes his vision of the Von Erichs with the most subtle, thematic beauty, and brilliantly acted. Finaleable.invent. I guarantee you'll leave the movie theater exhausted and refreshed in equal measure.

Brothers of Steel (2023) – Review and opinion about the movie [Gutek Film]. It's the cast that makes this movie


The stories of individual brothers are not interesting because not much time is devoted to them. Instead of personal dilemmas, problems and adventures, the director prefers to focus on their mutual relationship. Because that's where the heart of the whole movie lies and that's what makes it so moving. Zac Efron does a great job as the simple-minded guy, completely focused on his brothers Kevin. He has some quite private and very emotional moments in the movie, but those are just the accents and embellishments that drive his approach to family, Pam, and everyone else. He's partnered once again by the outstanding Jeremy Allen White, who, at this stage of sons ruined by their parents, can actually play with his eyes closed. They are responsible, along with Efron, for one of the most powerful scenes in the entire film, if not the most powerful.

Matthias Erdely's cinematography captures the wrestling scenes beautifully. His camera does not capture this scene as it appears on television, but strategically positions itself so that the viewer can always notice which punches are hitting the mat next to him or not even landing at all, and which ones will actually hurt the next person. day. The rest of the film also looks very nice, even if in most cases it is a bit classic, effectively mimicking the atmosphere of the years in which the film is set. However, in some places, the editing didn't work for me, as it jumped between scenes and made me guess what actually happened. This is strange because for most of the film the scenes and shots are put together very well, sometimes fast and powerful according to the rhythm, sometimes with music (a very nice soundtrack, with hits like “Don't Fear the Grim Reaper” by the legendary Blue Oyster Cult singer). Either way, the film is ultimately well thought out from an artistic standpoint.

“Brothers of Steel” may be a little reminiscent of Aronofsky’s “The Wrestler” in that it breaks down the myth of the flamboyant, idealistic warrior and showman. They are sad as hell movies, built on a strong foundation of lead actors. What distinguishes them most is the main theme. “Gladiator” is the story of Randy Ram, his confrontation with aging, his legacy, and his ultimate inability to let go. Focusing on this one person makes it easier for the viewer to connect with him, root for him, and experience his story. “Brothers of Steel” is the story of an entire family. Certainly the most important is Kevin, but it's not just his story. The guys themselves aren't particularly interesting, and we don't know much about them, at least when it comes to their lives outside the ring. Choosing their brotherly bond against the backdrop of wrestling gave the director the opportunity to show us a whole host of powerful scenes, but combining them with the place where we say “stop” leads some viewers to accuse Durkin of ultimately making a movie about nothing. Although this is not true, you can feel a little disappointed when the translation appears on the screen. On the other hand, it's a story based on the real life of the Von Erichs family, so they couldn't write a cathartic Hollywood ending. At least what we get is logical and thematically good. Bravo, Mr. Durkin.

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