March 28, 2023


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Oops!  Maybe Netflix relied on a different kind of record, like Mark Wahlberg and Kevin Hart too

Oops! Maybe Netflix relied on a different kind of record, like Mark Wahlberg and Kevin Hart too

Mark Wahlberg and Kevin Hart have schematically captured promising images for Netflix comedy. The description says: “When the wife takes Children For the trip, a full-time dad, who has time to himself for the first time in years, reconnects with an old friend. They are having a crazy weekend together that turns his life upside down.”

Mark Wahlberg, Kevin Hart and Netflix – ‘Misogyny, Rough, Not Funny’

However, it turns out that the scheme doesn’t always work, and the saying “we like to watch what we know” didn’t apply this time. On the site Rotten Tomatoes, which collects the opinions of viewers and viewers of films, “Czas dla się” got only 7 percent. Positive reviews are in the first and 30 percent. in others. Hence, it is the lowest score in Date In the careers of Wahlberg and Hart – note “does not depend on”.

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Wahlberg has a long list of poorly rated titles in his filmography (Intelligent in the Army has 12% positive reviews). Hart too (e.g. 9 percent for “Meet Our Family”). Well, seven less than that. Some of the movie reviewers’ words are devastating criticism. “The creators of Czas na się unfortunately failed to turn this wise idea into a comedy into anything of value,” “misogynistic, raw, unfunny.” MovieWhich not even Wahlberg himself can memorize…” or “what the movie makes up for in terms of brilliance and versatility.” There are masturbation jokes, porn jokes, litter jokes, penis jokes, chest jokes, fart jokes, vomiting jokes (visual and verbal) ”- these are just some of the words of foreign journalists.

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After the premiere of “Czas dla się” on Netflix, Hart tried to convince fans that the production contained a “hidden message” regarding the dynamics of parenting and the division of household chores by gender.

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