The Oscar-nominated "Dress" will go to HBO Max
OneFifty studio owned by WarnerMedia has purchased the rights to “The Dress” by Tadeusz Łysiak. The production, which is nominated for an Academy Award in the Best Short Film category, is set to appear on HBO Max this month.

The director of the movie “Dresses” tells about the movie

In a statement to the Deadline website, Tadeusz Sisyak said:

We forget that we are all made of the same clay and we all need love. The world is full of solitude condemned to loneliness, even though they do not deserve it. I hope our film will draw the audience’s attention to this issue and help us stop looking at ourselves only in terms of appearance, facial features, height, weight or other physical aspects.

What is a “dress”?

The heroine of the movie “Dress” is Julia of short maturity. The girl lives in the Polish countryside. Her music is death metal. Her favorite hobby: playing slot machines. Works at a roadside motel for drivers. She is lonely, has never had a man before, and has never tested fitness. Julia suffers from dwarfism and her whole life controls her length – the local community cannot accept her different appearance. Everything changes when her paths intersect with a handsome truck driver. Their eyes meet. Julia’s heart is beating faster. The man soon becomes the object of her love, almost a sexual obsession …

The cast produced by the Warsaw Film School “Dresses” includes Anna Dzidochica, Dorota Pomikala, Andrei Glazer, Shimon Peter Warszewski and Lea Oleksiak.

Watch the trailer:

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