Brian Cox doesn't bite his tongue.  Strong words about the role of Joaquin Phoenix

“It was terrible,” Cox said at HistFest in London. “Really terrible performance Joaquin Phoenix. It's really scary. I don't know what he was thinking. He's responsible for this, and Ridley Scott didn't help him at all. I'm telling you I'll do better than Phoenix. You can't say it's a good drama. “No, it's all lies,” Cox lamented.

The Scottish actor also commented on sacrificing historical truth to create an engaging film. Scott often referred to this during promotions “Napoleon”, and even verbally attacked people who pointed out inaccuracies in his films. Meanwhile, Cox criticized another production for its misrepresentations. ““Braveheart: Braveheart” It's all nonsense. “Mel Gibson was great, but it's all just lies.”

Cox appeared at HistFest to promote his performance in Eugene O'Neill's new version of Long Day's Twilight, which will be staged in the West End. When asked if he wasn't afraid of critics comparing his performance as Logan Roy in “Succession,” the actor responded in a similar tone.

“It's stupid. Why do we make such comparisons? It's so obvious. Many critics are stupid. They really are. Theater criticism is going to the bottom. When I think of the great critics of the past, today's critics cannot compare with them.” Cox said.

The actor also had warm words about method acting, which he stands for, among other things Jeremy Strongw “Succession” He played one of Logan's sons. “No, it's all nonsense. Just nonsense. We are transmitters – that's what we do as actors. We transmit energy,” he said, then emphasized that gathering information about his character was more important than repeating his character's every gesture and grimace. . “You have to do your homework. It is a pleasure to collect all the information about Churchill and thus build a picture of the person he was.”

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