Polish train collision.  There was a truck on the tracks

According to Rink Kolejoy, the truck was standing on the tracks outside the railway crossing. It was invisible to the driver until he exited the curve. Collision cannot be avoided. Fortunately, no one was injured.

The security systems of a Polish vehicle malfunctioned. Besa trains were equipped with energy absorption and collapse zones, and according to preliminary information, no one was hurt. Furthermore, the vehicle will return to the base in Temu under its own power.

According to information from African blogger Caleb Goofy Wright, the police arrested the truck driver In relation to causing an accident. The suspected driver allegedly left the vehicle unattended. The investigation into this matter is ongoing.

The rest of the article is below the video

Bydgoszcz Pesa has signed a contract with Ghana Railways – Reports to Rink Coleguy. 12 vehicles are scheduled to be delivered to Africa. Ghana is building its own passenger service, and Besa will operate a new railway line linking the Tema seaport to the Mpakadan river port. The cycle itself will last for two hours, and the vehicle can accelerate up to 80 kilometers per hour. According to preliminary plans, the Polish train may take the first passengers on board in May.

Railway market description of train transportation to Africa. It was carried out by Fracht FWO Polska. The car was divided into two parts to go on special trailers to Hamburg, and then by ship to Ghana. African workers were trained in Bydgoszcz.

The new Regio160 production series Pesa vehicles meet the latest European exhaust emission standards and are equipped with modern, environmentally friendly Stage V engines, and are the first environmentally friendly DMUs to be delivered to Africa.

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