The murder of Helena Hutchins on the set of films.  Not just her.  John Eric Hexom accidentally committed suicide, and Steve Irwin died orally

More information about the tragic accident can be found on the set of the movie “Rust” on the homepage

John Eric Hexom

Jon-Erik Hexum is primarily known for his role in the series “Dangerous Shots”. On October 12, 1984, when he was on the set of this production, he was shooting a scene in which the protagonist loads bullets into a pistol. During the break from shooting, Hexum began to play with the weapon, put it in his temple and said:

Let’s see if there is any bullet left for me.

The actor pulled the trigger, not realizing that even an empty cartridge produces a stream of hot gases, and the burning powder is released at a tremendous speed. The bullet caused severe damage to the skull and violent bleeding in the brain. Hexum was taken to the hospital, where he underwent a five-hour operation. Six days later, he was diagnosed with brain death.

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The greatest actors of the golden age of Hollywood

Alec Baldwin talked about the tragedy that happened. “My heart is broken”

Martha Mansfield

Martha Mansferild, who was working on the set at the end of 1923, suffered a tragic death Movie “The Warrens of Virginia”. a member difference He lit a cigarette, and threw a match on the ground. Martha was standing in the same spot, dressed in a sumptuous Civil War robe. The frills of her creations began to burn at a rapid pace. Although Mansfield was immediately hospitalized, the actress died from severe burns.

Godfrey Zhao

The 35-year-old model fainted during a 17-hour recording of the song “Chase Me”. Although he was immediately taken to the hospital, where doctors fought for his life for three hours, it was not possible to save him. Zhao’s death reportedly resulted from a heart attack.

Steve Irwin

Steve Irwin He died on September 4, 2006 on the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. The traveler was working on the documentary “The Most Dangerous Creatures of the Ocean”. Unfortunately, the weather that day was not conducive to starting shooting at sharks, so he decided to record scenes of it Movie For children who prepared with their daughter. They were taking x-rays, and when Irwin swam over one of them he attacked him.

She began stabbing him with her tail, hitting hundreds in a few seconds, said camera operator Justin Lyons, who witnessed the accident.

The operator initially thought the stingray’s attack was harmless – until he saw Erwin in a pool of blood. A tan finished in the tail of a stingray ran across his chest and pierced his heart.

I told him, “Think of the kids, Steve, wait, wait, wait!” He looked at me calmly and said, “I’m dying,” as Leon recalls years later.

John Ritter

In September 2003, Ritter worked on the set of the “8 Simple Rules” series. On 9/11, while working, he felt worse, started vomiting and complained of severe chest pain. He was taken to hospital where he was diagnosed with an aortic dissection. The actor died on the same day without waiting for surgery.

Alec Baldwin shot a woman on a set.  Who was Helena Hutchins?Alec Baldwin shot a woman on a set. Who was Helena Hutchins?

Oliver Reed

Reed was shooting in 1999 Movie “The Gladiator”. During breaks from shooting in the tavern, he participated in an “alcohol match” with a group of sailors. Drink liters of different liquor and wrestle with men. Immediately after these events, he collapsed Bodog And he died. It is interesting that in 1993 in the British program “Without Walls” he joked:

I’m going to die in a bar, of a heart attack, surrounded by laughter and buzzing.

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