June 9, 2023


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Mia Goth on the set of “MaXXXine,” the sequel to “X” and “Pearl”

And so is she! here Mia Goth On the set of the third part of the trilogy Tee West. after “x” And “Pearl” the time of the “Maxxxine”.

What will be the theme of “MaXXXine”?

Title “Maxxxine”an aspiring porn star, we met in it “x”. After the bloody events that occurred on the farm of Pearl and her husband, the heroine moves towards Los Angeles, where she hopes to start her acting career. The project, like the previous two parts of the trilogy, is being developed by the A24 studio.

Mia GothWho will return to her role will accompany Elizabeth Debicki (“widows”And “tenet”), Musa Sunni (“Idol”), Michelle Monaghan (“The Detective”), Bobby Cannavale (“Mr. Robot”), Lily Collins (“Emily in Paris”), Halsey (“sing 2”), Giancarlo Esposito (Too badAnd “Call Saul”) And Kevin Bacon (“River of Mysteries”).

Watch the trailer for “X,” the movie in which Mia Goth first played Maxine

A team of aspiring filmmakers travels to the countryside to shoot porn like the world has never seen before. A couple of gloomy old men gives them space outdoors. Young pornographers never guess that their elderly hosts don’t think of night prayers at all. She in particular, Pearl, is an individual with exaggerated needs and unsatisfied desires. It’s time for the bloody harvest.

“Bloody Talk”: “X” and “Pearl”

In the latest episode of his “Bloody Talk” podcast, Michał Walkiewicz takes a look at “X” and “Pearl” from 2022 — two hits from studio A24 with Mia Goth directed by Ti West and, he says, the best movies (not just horror) of the past year . Movies about obsession, pathological ambition, aging and, of course, sex. enjoy your meal!

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