Box Office USA: Japanese animation invades cinemas.  Batman is still number one
Today’s information is a great start in the American cinemas of the Japanese animation “Jujutsu Kaisen 0”. The film, which has sparked a massacre in its homeland in the past three months (having made more than $100 million), smashed all expectations before the weekend, taking in $17.7 million.

For a FUNimation distributor, this is the second best opening score ever. Only the biggest Japanese hit of all time, “Demon Slayer the Movie: Mugen Train” ($22.8 million), made a bigger impact after the first three days of the show.

Of course, “Batman” continued to hold the number one spot at the US box office. According to Warner Bros. The show grossed $36.8 million in its third weekend. The competition believes, however, that revenue will be slightly lower. In their opinion, the World Bank inflates the estimates, because at the end of the week the total earnings of “Batman” amounted to a symbolic amount of 300 million dollars.

Films of 2022 with revenues of more than 100 million dollars

# nickname got in total
in public The number of cinemas the first show VOD donation
1 Batman $300.1 $134.0 4.417 4.03 not $ 200
2 Unknown $125.9 $44.0 4.275 18.02 not $120

Meanwhile, Ti West has been officially welcomed by the mainstream. His movie “X,” about the bloodbath of a porn movie set in Texas in the 1970s, made $4.4 million a day. None of West’s previous works were able to earn up to $200,000 in American cinemas. It’s also A24’s first millionth movie this year.

It should be noted that “X” distracted from the Sony horror film “Umma”. This movie earned only 915,000 per day. dollars and did not reach the top ten.

The directorial debut of Graham Moore, who won an Academy Award for the screenplay for “Secret Games,” also went off without revealing anything. The Outfit, about a tailor who fights unequally with gangsters, made just $1.5 million.

It has also been a tradition in recent weeks to list at least one Hindi film in the top ten. This time, the country represents the “Kashmir Files” that are inspired by the stories of the victims of the Kashmir genocide in the early 1990s. Although the film was shown in only 230 theaters, it managed to earn nearly $1.5 million.

Next Friday, the romantic and adventure comedy “Lost City” will hit theaters and everything indicates that it will defeat Batman. The premieres took place this weekend, but we don’t know the outcome. It is only known that two-thirds of the shows were completely sold out.

Box Office USA March 18-20 Top 10

# nickname Happened over the weekend got in total A week on screen Cinema
1 Batman $36.8 300.09 USD 3 4302
2 Jujutsu Kisen 0 $17.7 $17.7 1 2286
3 Unknown $8.0 $125.9 5 3700
4 X $4.41 $4.41 1 2865
5 dog 4.1 dollars USD 54.23 5 3307
6 Spider-Man: There is no way home 3.2 dollars $797.54 14 2585
7 Death on the Nile $1.7 USD 43.57 6 2050
8 uniforms 1.51 dollars 1.51 dollars 1 1324
9 Kashmir files $1.49 $1.49 1 230
10 sing 2 $1.48 USD 158.47 13 1838

Trailer “Jujutsu Kaisen 0”

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