From the classic tale of The Little Mermaid to the infamous Disney rendition, the notion of MerPeople has always enchanted us. What was once a realm limited to fantasy and folklore has found its place in the expansive world of Netflix with a docuseries called MerPeople. A first of its kind, this innovative series showcases real-life mermaids, bringing to life a dream that has captured our imagination for centuries.

Quick Start:

  • No Of Season : 1
  • Release Date : No Official Confirmation
  • Language : English
  • Genre :  About mermaid culture
  • Where to Watch : Netflix
  • Rating : 6.3/10 in IMDb

Popularity of the Show

With its unique concept, MerPeople has cast its net wide, captivating audiences across the globe. The series explores the intricate mermaiding industry worth a staggering $500 million. With the fascination surrounding mythical sea creatures and the artistry that goes into creating them, MerPeople has managed to allure viewers, thereby gaining popularity swiftly.

MerPeople Season 2 Renewed Status

Netflix has kept the news regarding the renewal of MerPeople under wraps. The prospects of a second season will likely hinge on the reception and performance of the first season.

MerPeople Season 2 Release Date

The first season of MerPeople made a splash on Netflix on May 23, 2023. A wave of anticipation and intrigue has engulfed viewers, eagerly waiting to dive deeper into the enthralling world of mermaiding. We hope the next season to appear around the end of 2024

MerPeople Season 2 Cast

The diverse cast of MerPeople brings together an array of enchanting characters, each with their own intriguing stories. The series showcases Morgana Alba, the fairy mer-mother and the mastermind behind Circus Siren Pod, a prominent mermaid performance group in the country.

Mermaid Chè Monique, a pioneer in the industry, has been lauded for her size-inclusive mermaiding group, Society of Fat Mermaids. Other talented MerPeople featured in the series include Blixunami, a non-binary mermaid, and Mermaid Shines, a landlocked mermaid with a dream of making it big in the mermaiding world.

MerPeople Season 2 Spoiler

While the producers have yet to confirm a second season, fans are already speculating about the direction the series may take. It’s likely that the series will continue to follow these captivating mermaids from diverse backgrounds as they traverse the challenges and triumphs of turning their passion for the ocean and mythical sea creatures into their livelihood.

We may see their pursuit to win the coveted titles of Ocean King and Queen, marvel at their mesmerizing underwater performances, and get our minds blown by their extraordinary tricks and techniques. It’s a journey fans are eagerly looking forward to.

What Happened in Previous Season?

The inaugural season of MerPeople was a fascinating dive into the lives of individuals whove chosen the path less traveled. Composed of four captivating episodes, the season embarked on an exploration of various facets of the mermaiding industry.

Episode 1, No Dead Mermaids, introduced us to Brittany, also known as Mermaid Shines, an Arkansas resident who eagerly practiced her mermaid skills in public swimming areas. We also met Eric, known as The Mertailor, a Florida-based entrepreneur crafting custom tails for Merfolk and launching his own aquarium. Additionally, the spotlight fell on Chè Monique, the Ocean Queen, a body-positive activist and the brains behind the Society of Fat Mermaids, as she shared her personal experiences and insights about the industry.

In the second episode, Pack Your Tail Darling, we continued our journey with Eric as he held auditions for his aquarium show, while Chè Monique vied for a spot in the Circus Siren Pod. Meanwhile, Shines took her mermaid enthusiasm to MerMagic Con, showing her dedication to her dream.

Fly Free Little Mer-turbing, the third episode, documented the unique challenges Shines faced while preparing for a performance in a cold-water tank in Canada. Viewers got a deeper understanding of the physical demands and exceptional dedication required to make it in the mermaiding industry.

The final episode, Tails for the Win, wrapped up the season on a high note, capturing the mermaid performers triumphs and setbacks, from enchanting underwater performances to the emotional struggle of carving a niche in such a unique profession.

In essence, the first season of MerPeople provided a raw and enchanting glimpse into the mermaiding industry. It showed the beauty, magic, and at times, the hard reality of pursuing a passion that exists far from the conventional norm. Each episode was a celebration of individuality, perseverance, and the joy of living out a childhood fantasy in the adult world. It left viewers with a deeper understanding of the world of mermaiding and a growing anticipation for what might come next in this magical series.

Ratings of the Show

MerPeople has made quite a splash in the ratings department, scoring an impressive 6.3/10 on IMDb. The unique concept, the depth of storytelling, and the fascinating characters have made the series a hit among viewers, thereby earning it a respectable rating.

Review of the Show

MerPeople offers a riveting exploration into the world of professional mermaiding, an industry that, until now, has largely remained underexplored on screen. The series manages to balance the enchanting whimsy of the mermaid world with the hard reality of turning passion into a profession, a task it accomplishes with aplomb. A must-watch for all, especially those fascinated by the enchanting world of mermaids.

Where to Watch

MerPeople can be streamed exclusively on Netflix. If you are a fan of the enchanting underwater world, don’t miss the chance to dive into this magical series.


A fascinating glimpse into the alluring world of mermaiding, MerPeople showcases the captivating lives of real-life mermaids. With its first season already making waves, fans are eagerly anticipating the announcement of a second season. The enchanting world of mermaids, coupled with the heartening narratives of those who have made it their profession, makes MerPeople an extraordinary viewing experience.

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