Katarzyna Bakusińska’s husband is Prince.  They met when he was saving her life

Katarzyna Bakucinska She is not only a nightclub actress, but also a traveler who hosted many shows in which she showed viewers the most remote corners of the world. The star did not expect to find the love of her life during one of the tripsA handsome george will save her life. A few years ago, Katarzyna Pakosińska went to her beloved Georgia, and one day felt badShe went to a doctor who gave her the wrong medicine. The actress collapsed while in her hotel room. He passes through her door Irakli Basilashvili became concerned about the noises coming from the room and decided to intervene. The man broke down the door and immediately began CPR.

– Katarzyna Pakosińska once mentioned in an interview with “Woman and Life” magazine.

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Katarzyna Bakucinska was saved by Irakli Basilashvili, and she entered her life with nothing Prince on the white horse. In one of the interviews, the actress admitted this Her lover actually has something noble about him and as it turns out…he’s a prince.

The prince saved her life. Now he is her husband

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