Leroy Merlin does not remain only in Russia.  The company cut off Ukrainian workers from the communication system

Leroy Merlin Beside among others Nestle and Decathlon, one of the companies that the war caused by Russia has become an opportunity to increase its profits. The owner of this chain of stores, namely, the Adeo group, decided not only to remain in Russia, but also to increase supplies to the Russian market in order to respond to the increased demand caused by the withdrawal of some competitors.

In addition, the French decided to isolate the employees of the Ukrainian branch of Leroy Merlin from the company’s internal communications system. This was announced a week ago by the head of human resources of the Ukrainian branch Ludmila Dzyuba, noting that Leroy Merlin thus deprived 800 Ukrainian workers of the possibility of providing humanitarian and medical assistance to those who need it.

In response to its LinkedIn post, the company confirmed that it will restore communication channels for employees from Ukraine on March 15. According to Ludmiła Dziuba’s recent entry, the deadline is not met, but in the end Leroy Merlin has already regained the ability to use the company’s communication channels, albeit to a limited extent.

A closed channel has been created for employees from Ukraine, to which only the French headquarters can add new members.

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