Bohdan Lazuka revealed Karnak's whereabouts in the song “I Don't Like Mondays”.  TVP in the background

I do not like Mondays” Directed by Tadeusz Chmielewski This is definitely one of those movies that we enjoy watching even after all these years. The production premiered in 1971, Aw 2012 p. -After 41 years- It has a new digitally reconstructed versionWhich can be watched in cinemas. – Who invented, because legends differ, the character of the wanderer on the tracks in the comedy “I Don't Like Mondays.” Is it really Gachoda the photographer, is he the director, is it you, or is it a coincidence? What does it really look like? – Asked Koba Fujidzki On the podcast “Wojiodzki Kedzierski”.

– He began his story Bohdan Lazuka,

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Bohdan Lazuka revealed Karnak's whereabouts in the song “I Don't Like Mondays”. TVP in the background

– I was leaving the restaurant. There were my posters on the pole. A policeman or militiaman will come and ask for an autograph. And that's it. And then he just asked me if I wanted to go home or to training. There is a tradition in film that the actors (…) are sent to the set as quickly as possible today. Then they sent me off with Miecz Jahoda (Mieczysław Jahoda – editor's note), and he was already doing these measurements, you know, light and so on. So I went over there and looked, there was a key lying on the tracks. I took the lever and started fiddling. “Wait, Budzio,” he said. “Maybe we can do this?” I say, “You're welcome” — Bohdan Lazuka remembers.

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