Filmweb recommends The Time of the Blood Moon
In cinemas you can watch Apple’s production “The Time of the Blood Moon. The new work of Martin Scorsese was so warmly received in the editorial office that we decided to give it the quality mark “Filmweb Recommends!”.

“Time of the Blood Moon” – read Michał Walkiewicz’s review

You don’t need a good Catholic to convincingly show divine intervention on screen – although faith probably helps. A scene in which a stream of crude oil penetrates the cracked earth and drenches the Osage people as they dance around a black geyser (accompanied by electronic folk music) Robbie Robertson) can only shoot Martin Scorsese. And this is the last ScorseseFor whom similar images are usually a harbinger of the new Book of Job.

The discovery of oil deposits completely changed the tribe’s existence, and over the next decade, the Osage became the richest society in the world (the “capital per capita” measure used here may not mean much, so let’s say that in towns in Oklahoma they travel in cars with white drivers ). Scorsese Telling the story of this economic boom through a series of quasi-archival material, Sepia transforms this miniature into a yellowed page from a forgotten history textbook. But when white men flock to the reservations in search of black gold, nostalgia no longer smooths the edges of the past. One bullet in the back of the head, two in the chest, and a knife in the ribs. Someone dies in a cement trench, someone dies on the balcony of his house. The Osage begins to die. Dozens, without choice, day and night. Although the corpses are increasing, the colonists are in no hurry to arrest the killers. I wonder why?

Ernst Burckhardt’s family watches everything in fear (Leonardo DiCaprio) – a veteran of the First World War, who, despite his love “for all the women of this world,” found peace in the arms of one. Ernest lives with the Indian Alif (Lily Gladstone) and children and extended family in the Osage areas. Although the marriage itself is set up through a cynical plot in which the inheritance is at stake, you don’t have to take the hero’s word for it – the mystery that overwhelms their love is the emotional core of the film. The hero’s uncle and mentor, William “King” Hill (Robert De Niro) is an influential cattle trader who hides a Machiavellian nature behind a very cheerful façade. Hill speaks of blended families as a sacred union of tradition and modernity, and considers the Osage “the most beautiful creatures on earth.” but Scorsese He unceremoniously interrupts his monologue and confronts her with the image of a man foaming at the mouth and dying convulsively on the floor of his apartment. This is the first of many metaphors for the balance of power between locals and foreigners. Some believe in the meaning of a fragile alliance and want to end the “invisible war” through compromise with the federal government. Others live in the belief that there is no crime that cannot be justified by ancient greed.

Hill is the character that is usually you Scorsesego Others played – De Niro He often climbed the mafia ladder, and here he sits at the top. It also presents the helpless, simple-minded Ernest – torn between love for his wife and loyalty to Hale, the man walks increasingly agile towards the abyss. These are two great roles. They will be appreciated by those who bite their nails when they think about meeting again on the screen Di Caprio (Seven films shared with Scorsese) And De Niro (Eleven times in one set) – The last time this happened thirty years ago “Boys’ World”! But above all, those for whom America’s bloody founding myth is a suitable basis for its darkest comedy. The scenes in which Hill trains or waterboards his nephew in a morass of nationalistic platitudes have a nihilistic comedic energy to them. “Good comrades”, “Offside” I “Casinos”.

The full review by Michał Walkiewicz can be found here.

Trailer for the movie “Blood Moon”

“Blood Moon Time” It is a drama directed by Martin Scorsese based on a screenplay he wrote with Eric Roth. The plot was based on the best-selling newspaper report known in Poland under the title “Time of the Blood Moon: The Osage Killings and the Birth of the FBI” By David Grann. The story presented in it tells of a series of murders committed in the 1920s after the discovery of oil in the lands occupied by the Osage tribe.

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