Holy movie.  Watch the movie trailer about the robbery in the cathedral

Holy movie. Watch the movie trailer about the robbery in the cathedral. This event shocked Poland and started one of the most famous investigations in the Polish People’s Republic. Starring: Mateusz Kosiokiewicz, Lena Gura, Leszek Lechota. Directed by Sebastian Patni. In cinemas from March 24.

This part of town had to be “transferred in time” for 35 years, which meant putting in old road signs, telephone booths, temporarily shutting down traffic, and developing a butcher shop in the style of the People’s Republic of Poland. Once again, the people of Gniezno could see a militia car.

Twenty-nine years ago, a silver stock was introduced from St. Wojciech. The perpetrators entered the cathedral at night through a side church window. They tore off the cross, the dead, the evangelist, which the saint said. Wajsikh was holding a pillow on which he was leaning. They also broke the wings of the six eagles that supported the coffin. And the legless torso of the martyr was pulled out in its entirety.

Holy movie. Watch the movie trailer about the robbery in the cathedral

The robbery was discovered on March 20, 1986 in the morning by the then parish priest of the cathedral, Fr. Can. Xenon Wella. The police were immediately notified and an investigation was launched immediately. “This is exceptional vandalism and disrespect for any sacred things.” Newspapers wrote at that time. There are no words to express our happiness. – shocked the current head of Gniezno. The course of events was quickly rebuilt. The cathedral was under renovation. The perpetrators entered through a window, broke the bars and used standing scaffolding. They were well prepared and had a plan of action prepared in advance.

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