She will replace Anna Wendzikowska in "Dzień dobry TVN".  He's been dealing with the movie for years

Anna Wendzikowska Almost 15 years ago, I was associated with the station’s morning program TVN. in “Good morning TVNShe tackled cinematic topics and gave many interviews to Hollywood stars. Unfortunately, it also did not avoid the mishaps that were loud on the Internet. Recently, she became famous because she found out that he is a tall man Tom Cruise He can’t be considered handsome. Now we know who her successor will be in the lunchroom TVN. This person has always been associated with the movie.

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Anna Windzikowska about men of short stature. “I told you why Tom Cruise didn’t convince me to be an idol in Hollywood”

Anna Windzikowska did not know who Grotovsky was. But this is not the only incident that the journalist has been exposed to

Anna Tatarska is a true fan of cinema. Now he will replace Anna Wendzikowska in “Dzień dobry TVN”

It turns out that the role of Anna Wendzikowska in “Dzień dobry TVN” will now take over I Tatarska. She is a journalist who has been dealing with this topic for many years Movie The culture is widely understood. To date, she has collaborated with many magazines, radio stations and Internet portals.

I am very happy that I can join such a great team as the editorial office of “Dzień dobry TVN”, the creation of which was co-created by people whom I have admired for a long time – Anna Tatarska said in an interview with Plegada.

Anna Tatarska is definitely a film industry professional and a movie buff.

I have dealt with cinema throughout my career, and I am fascinated by how cinema enters into a dialogue with the reality that surrounds us, and how much one can learn from films and their makers. I’ve been sharing these stories for years as a journalist, and from now on on screen, said Anna Tatarska.

We also know that Anna Tatarska will accompany Anna Tatarska on “Dzień dobry TVN” Kaja Klimek. She is a critic and translator of popular culture and cinema who has appeared in the media for years while commenting on Academy Award winning concerts.

Anna WendzikowskaAnna Wendzikowska admitted what she will gain after leaving TVN

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