“Brothers of Steel”: a movie with Zac Efron and Jeremy Allen White in cinemas February 16, 2024

A true story of great ambition, triumph, and family curse. “Brothers of Steel” They beautifully tell the story of an American family, a love filled with competition and the success that the Von Erich brothers, undefeated in the ring, could not carry on their shoulders. Behind this epic spectacle is a cinematic dream team: Sean Durkin (“The Nest”), who specializes in psychological thrillers, “Son of Saul” cinematographer Matthias Erdely, and a great acting trio: heartbroken teen Zac Efron (“Mean, Tough , Evil”), Jeremy Allen White – Star of the series “The Bear” and Harris Dickinson (“In a Threesome”).

“Brothers of Steel” is a mixture of anger, emotion and laughter, guaranteeing an emotional knockout – declares distributor Gutek Film.

A strict father from Texas – the head of the Von Erich family – will do everything to help his sons achieve what he himself could not achieve in sports. Behind the scenes of American wrestling in the 1980s, there are brutal training sessions, broken personalities, shattered dreams, and wounded brotherly relationships. Parents’ ambitions turn into a curse for their children – as the Von Erichs suffer one blow after another. Will the previously invincible brothers avoid the fate hanging over them?

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