February 4, 2023


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Bill Murray's movie production has been discontinued.  The cause of "inappropriate behavior" in the group

Bill Murray’s movie production has been discontinued. The cause of “inappropriate behavior” in the group

The work on the director Aziz Ansari’s debut “Konne Bsharri” was suspended due to a complaint against a movie star. Bill Murray. The actor is allegedly guilty of inappropriate behavior on the set. It is not yet known who filed the complaint, which the directors received last week.

Production was initially suspended for three days after receiving the complaint, but the crew decided on Wednesday to suspend the film altogether. They informed the workers in a letter: “After analyzing the conditions, we have decided that production cannot continue at this time. We are grateful to all of you for all you have given this project. We wish to reproduce and we are working with Aziz and Yuri to establish this term.” Yuri Henley produced the film.

The film was scheduled to hit theaters in 2023. However, the deadline website says, it’s currently unclear if the film will meet that deadline due to work being put on hold.

Bill Murray has not commented yet. For years in Hollywood, the opinion was that the actor is a difficult person to work with – in the 90s, his career entered an even worse period.

source: Independent.co.uk