Kevin Costner is not afraid of risks.  When will filming start for the third and fourth parts of “Horizon”?
Kevin Costner's “Horizon,” along with Francis Ford Coppola's “Megalopolis,” is one of the most risky projects of recent years. According to the World of Reel blog, Costner has no intention of waiting for his investments to pay off. He plans to start filming the third and fourth chapters of the saga soon.

“Horizon”: Pictures for Chapters 3 and 4 of the saga coming soon

The budget of the first two parts of “Horizon” was $ 100 million. To finance the project, supposedly his magnum opus, Kevin Costner put up $24 million of his own money and mortgaged his $50 million oceanfront estate in Santa Barbara. The rest of the money will come from anonymous investors.

The first part of the saga will be shown out of competition at the upcoming Cannes Film Festival. Warner Bros., the film's distributor, plans to release both parts six weeks apart – the first chapter will begin in June and the second in August. The director and lead actor have no intention of waiting for the box office results. He plans to return to southern Utah in the summer, where he will work on material for the third and fourth semesters. Filming is scheduled to end in December.

What is “Horizont. Chapter 1” about? Watch the trailer

“Horizon. Chapter 1” will hit Polish cinema screens at the end of June. Apart from Kevin Costner, the film will feature, among others: Jena Malone, Sienna Miller and Sam Worthington. Watch the trailer:

Thousands of dreamers in search of a better tomorrow travel across the vast lands of the United States, hoping to find their place on Earth. Under attack by indigenous people defending their lands and bandits looking for easy prey, they face their own weaknesses and the wrath of nature on their way to the goal of their dreams. In a country torn by bloody civil war, the fates of the noble and the wicked, the strong and the weak, the brave and the cowardly intersect. Only a few of them will reach the happy ending of this great journey.

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