fuel prices.  Diesel is becoming more expensive.  Where is the most expensive refueling?  We check fuel prices on April 22, 2022

The smallest – up to 5 groszy – also applies to the increase Gasoline prices Pb95, where the price per liter is 6.46 PLN on average. On the other hand, refueling has reasons to be satisfied, becoming cheaper by PLN 0.03 to the level of PLN 3.64 / l.

Wielkopolska stands out on the fuel map in Poland, where e-petrol.pl scored the lowest fuel prices. In this part of Poland you pay the lowest for 95 octane petrol and diesel: 6.41 and 7.05 zlotys / liter. However, in the Lublin region, at a price of 3.55 PLN / liter, LPG is the cheapest.

Conventional fuel – gasoline and oil – is the most expensive in Podlasie, the cost of a liter is 6.52 PLN and 7.16 PLN, respectively (the same price for diesel is also valid in Lubelski district). The highest cost of automatic refueling in Lower Silesia – 3.68 PLN / liter.

source: e-petrol.pl / information market

fuel prices. What is the situation today?

Fuel prices at select gas stations (prices until April 22, 2022)

Gasoline PB 95

E. Leclerc, Warsaw – PLN 6.41 / liter
Orlin, Lublin – PLN 6.46 / liter
Circle K, shoguns – 6.50 PLN / liter
Auchan, Warsaw – PLN 6.52 / l


E Leclerc, Wroclaw – PLN 7.05 / l
Circle K, shoguns – 7.10 PLN / l
Statoil, Simianowice Slaski – PLN 7.13 / l
L Optima, Suwałki – 7.16 PLN / liter

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