Lady Gaga in "The House of Gucci" looks like her heroine.  She was one hundred percent at the first show.  Amazing creation!

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This fall, fans of autobiographical cinema will have a choice of two major productions. In cinemas starting November 5, you can watch “Spencer” about DianiWith Kristen Stewart in the title role. And in a couple of weeks, Gucci House with Lady Gaga will appear on the screens. Experts estimate that the artist can expect an Oscar for this role.

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House of Gucci – Lady Gaga and Adam Driver in the first trailer

The plot is based on the character of Patricia Reggiani, the wife of Maurizio Gucci (grandson of the founder of the House of Worship fashion). The woman was convicted of killing her husband. Lady Gaga said that this role was difficult for her. The artist became so involved with the character that she struggled with mental health issues.

The impact of working in the “Gucci House” on Lady Gaga’s psyche

Lady Gaga at the ‘The House of Gucci’ premiere in a stunning dress

Although for the purposes of this role, the actress and singer looked exactly like her heroine, she was one hundred percent on the red carpet. As you might expect, at the premiere the film Lady Gaga’s “House of Gucci” appeared dressed straight from the aisle of an Italian fashion house. Coco Chanel said to look at yourself in the mirror before leaving the house and abandoning someone additives. Fortunately for fans of Gucci clothing, this rule does not apply, which Gaga proved with her creation.

Lady Gaga - House of Gucci premiereLady Gaga – House of Gucci premiere Joel C Ryan / Joel C Ryan / Invision / The Associated Press

A pleated dress in an intense shade of purple, made of transparent material. Long, spreading, in a word – amazing – cloak. In addition to the gloss of the eyelids, Socks The high platform height and stockings are visible at the opening of the creation. This is what Lady Gaga looked like alongside Adam Driver.

Photos of the other actors at the premiere of this production can be found in the gallery at the top of our site.

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