Big scandal!  Iran gets angry at the words of the soccer star.  He wants punishment

The Iranian Football Federation has called on Klinsmann to resign from his position on the FIFA Technical Committee. The former player, world (1990) and European (1996) champion, allegedly said in a television interview with the BBC after the match against Wales (Iran won 2-0) that the Iranians use “dirty” unsportsmanlike methods, as they lead to results. from their culture.

“This is their culture, that’s why they behave like this – they put pressure on the referees, + play dirty games +, constantly comment on something to distract the opponent, coach Carlos Queiroz suits their team. It’s all not accidental, it’s intentional,” – he said Klinsmann, 58. , who led Germany to third place in the 2006 World Cup as a coach.

The German also coached the US national team (2011-2016).

Iran’s violent reaction. They talk about the “stain of Gijón”

Queiroz, the 69-year-old Iran coach, responded to his words on Twitter. She wrote, “You insult my character with your typical prejudice and superiority. No matter what, I respect what she has achieved on the pitch, but these statements about Iranian culture, the Iranian national team and players are a disgrace to football.” Former Real Madrid, Manchester United and Portugal national team coach.

Representatives of the Iranian Federation called on Klinsmann to train the national team, as did the coach, who added that before the visit he had expected the German to resign from participating in the work of the FIFA Technical Committee. At the same time, the Iranian side spared no opposition towards the representative of German football.

– Mr. Klinsmann, although you are German, we promise you that we will not judge you in terms of the most shameful event in the history of the World Cup – “Shame on Gijon” (In the 1982 World Cup, West Germany won 1 wrote: 0 with Austria, and this result is your case of Further play with Algeria; the teams did not really fight in the second half, because the result was beneficial to both – PAP), or because of the famous dramatic fall + during the matches – wrote the FIGC.

Even though you are German, we promise you that we will not judge you in terms of the most shameful event in the history of the World Cup – “The Shame of Gijón”.

Klinsmann retracted his words

The German responded to the criticism that his words were taken out of context and tried to smooth things over: “I never criticized Carlos or the Iranian bench. I just described their emotional behavior, which is admirable in a way because the whole bench lives the match. Carlos is a very emotional coach and always on the lookout. Touchstone and transfers his energy to the players – said the former player of great clubs such as Inter Milan, Tottenham and Bayern Munich.

In Qatar, the Iranians are riding high not for the first time, and not only for sporting reasons. Iran’s matches are taking place amid protests and civil unrest in the country following the death in police custody in September of 22-year-old Mohsa Amini, who was previously arrested for violating the strict Islamic dress code for women. Before the first match – with England (6:2) – the Iranian players did not sing the national anthem, which was seen as an expression of solidarity with the protesters. On Friday, before meeting Wales (2-0), they were already singing, but quietly, and the most important thing was the whistles and screams of the Iranian fans in the stands.

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