Majchrzak had some fun.  6-0, it's the semi-final.  He tied his career record

In July 2022 Kamil Majchrzak was the 90th player in the world, Stefan Kozlov – 103rd. Both can then count on a place in the top contenders, but are also looking for points in the ATP 250 tournaments.

Today, the Pole returns from obscurity in the rankings, because two and a half months ago he was not ranked at all, and Kozlov did not play in the previous season for half a year. In reality So it dropped to nine hundred. However, in Kigali, he looked very good – in the first competition he reached the semi-finals, and in the second – to the quarter-finals.

Here he met a Pole The model is clearly improving. Majchrzak just won his 10th straight game, tying his career record. The points he obtained to qualify for the semi-finals will allow him to do so Jump to the fourth hundredth ranking. The fact that before the summer the 28-year-old from Piotrkow will be in a position to play in the qualifying rounds of Grand Slam tournaments is not unrealistic.

Junior Grand Slam finalist on the way to the pole. They met once in Las Vegas

Kozlov, who is two years younger than the Pole, finished third at the World Junior Championships a decade ago, and that was the result. You advance to the finals of the Australian Open and Wimbledon. Majchrzak also competed at the time, but without achieving similar feats, and soon transitioned to professional competition.

Kozlov met only in 2018 – they met at a rival in Las Vegas. The Polish defeated his American opponent 6-0 and 6-2 in just 61 minutes. Today's match wasn't much longer, Kozlov He won another game. But the important thing is that the fans who decided to watch this scene certainly did not regret it.

Kamil Majkrzak/William West/France Press agency

It was a lot of fun, without too many violent attacks Full of artistic skills. This was probably influenced by the fact that the pole was on a Thursday He won his match with Austrian David Bichler quite easilyKozlov fought a battle that lasted nearly 3.5 hours with Benjamin Locke From Zimbabwe. As a result, our opponent forced his opponent to run, sometimes with slices and sometimes with drop shots.

Kozlov tried to respond in the same way, but without similar results. The Polish competitor, born in North Macedonia, had already scored a goal in the middle of the second set Clearly enough – He rested after long exchanges.

To three and to zero. Admirable actions, most of which made the Poles happy

Majchrzak caught a break very quickly, although he could have lost that advantage immediately. In the third game, when the score was 30:30, he wanted to finish the move right at the net and… didn't pass the ball to the other side. But at one point he defended break point with his serve. He had complete control over what was happening in court, although he sometimes exaggerated the startling nature of his movements. Kozlov again had a similar opportunity, which he missed again, but he was often in trouble. The Pole won this set 6:3.

Stefan Kozlov/Elsa/Getty Images North America/Getty Images via AFP/France Press agency

The second, from Majchrzak's point of view, was easier. The Pole quickly jumped to 3-0, then gave Kozlov some hope as the American scored a break point again. Only to ruin his opponent's dreams by throwing his serve wide. Majchrzak eventually won with a score of zero He finished third in Kigali in the semi-finals.

ATP Challenger 50 in Kigali (clay court). Individual quarter-finals

Kamil Majchrzak (Poland) – Stefan Kozlov (USA) 6:3, 6:0.

Kamil Majrzak: I played a very good game on my terms. video/Pulsat Sport/Pulsat Sport

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