The United States will impose the first secondary sanctions.  They will strike the banks that support the Russian army

The decision of the head of state will also have an impact Introducing for the first time so-called secondary sanctions

According to high-ranking US administration officials, the regulation aims to provide authorities in Washington with “a surgical tool that allows them to deal with financial institutions that carry out transactions that strengthen the Russian military-industrial complex.”

So far, sanctions have been imposed on people and entities that sold prohibited goods to Russia, including electronics for the Russian arms industry, but not the banks carrying out these transactions.

The new decision gives banks a very dangerous choice: If you allow these types of goods to be delivered to Russia, you must either make sure they do not end up in the Russian military-industrial complex or stop doing so. If you do not exercise this choice, you will be subject to the sanctions regime. “For the first time, we have a sanctions system that includes secondary sanctions,” one official said.

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