Xbox code promotes PS5.  Major Nelson encourages you to buy PlayStation 5 – gamers don’t believe it

On July 14, Major Nelson confirmed his departure from Microsoft. Larry Hryb has been promoting Xbox for more than 20 years and encouraging players to buy the American company’s consoles, but on the occasion of Black Friday, the Xbox code is promoting… PS5.

Larry Harib, who has used the pseudonym Major Nelson for years, had the opportunity to bring to market several Microsoft consoles and promote all the most important games prepared by the teams of the Redmond giant.

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Larry Hryb is still very active on X (Twitter) and recently had the opportunity to visit Nintendo, among others. A former Microsoft employee confirmed that he appeared at the company responsible for Mario’s adventures as a guest and that it had nothing to do with his future job.

Now the Xbox icon has decided to encourage players to… buy PlayStation 5. The console is available in a big promotion and customers can buy the device from the Japanese company.

#BlackFriday PlayStation 5 Digital Edition (Slim) is available on Amazon for $449 (ships next Sunday in many regions)

Gamers can’t believe that one of the most important figures in Xbox history is encouraging gamers on a competing platform. Major Nelson commented on the situation, stressing that PlayStation was fair to him, so it seems that he sees no problem in promoting the Sony console.

PlayStation wished me well when I left Xbox. There is mutual professional respect. So let’s get along and have fun.

There were even harsh opinions among the community comments (“TRAITOR”), but Larry Harib responded to several players emphasizing one thing: “When everyone plays, we all win… right?”

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