The Russian Federation heads the Anti-Money Laundering Program of the Council of Europe

The Council of Europe’s anti-money laundering program is headed by a Russian citizen whose father is a high-ranking intelligence officer, Bild newspaper reported on Wednesday. The German daily notes, “The Russian has insight into measures taken by member states against money laundering, and Russian money laundering is ubiquitous in Europe.”

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“The Russian flag still flies over the imposing villa, the Russian representative office in the Alle de la Robertseau in Strasbourg – just a few hundred meters from the seat of the Council of Europe” Bild Reports.

“Like any other city in Europe, Strasbourg is a symbol of the continent’s turbulent past,” the paper states. “For a long time, fighting took place here between the French and the Germans, and today it is a symbol of peaceful coexistence. Today, many European institutions are located here, including the Council of Europe.

And here “Ukrainians must work together with representatives of the nation that invaded their country” – confirms “Bild”, noting that “despite the open hostility to the West, Russians are gaining insights into individual countries’ finances and fighting corruption and money laundering.”

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Council of Europe

Established after World War II, the Council of Europe has 47 member states. Especially in non-EU countries like Turkey or Azerbaijan, “of great importance to respect for human rights and the rule of law” He writes the newspaper.

Russian membership, however, is history. On March 15, 2022, the Kremlin thwarted his expulsion and left the Council of Europe. Since then, Putin’s forces have killed thousands of innocent civilians in Ukraine and destroyed entire cities and villages.

“but Of the 120 Russians working in the Council of Europe, about 90 have retained their jobs so far– reports Bild. Second citizenship holders can continue to work in the administrative apparatus of the Council of Europe. It is also funded by Germany.

“We find it unacceptable that these employees continue to work in the Council of Europe,” Viktor Nikityuk, Ukraine’s deputy ambassador to the Council of Europe, told the newspaper. “We don’t know what influence these people are having from politics or their families in Russia.”

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The Council of Europe itself “noted this last October These workers may pose a danger. It called on international organizations to take measures to prevent the Russian regime from using Russian workers as a means to support its attack on Ukraine and to spread Russian propaganda.

Since then nothing has happened in the Council of Europe itself. The case of Igor Nebyaev shows how problematic it is for Russians to participate– writes Bild. The man heads the Council of Europe’s Anti-Money Laundering Program (Moneyval).

Moneyval is the official name of the Expert Committee for the Assessment of AML/CFT Measures. It is the monitoring body of the Council of Europe. It reports directly to its main body, the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe.

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Igor Nabaev

“This means that the Russians have insight into the measures that member states take against money laundering – even though Russian money laundering is ubiquitous in Europe.” Bild confirms.

“In June 2022, Nebeev participated in a meeting of the international anti-money laundering organization FATF in Berlin, the aim of which was, among other things, to assess German measures to combat money laundering,” the daily notes.

His father, Vladimir Nebaev, is a high-ranking officer of the Russian special services. According to Belda, he works in the military barracks in Moscow as a general in Russia’s notorious foreign intelligence service, the SVR. His secret services were responsible for, among other things, the On the toxic attack on Sergei Skripal and his daughter in the UK in 2018.

According to a study by Bild, Nebaev’s father and son are still registered in the same apartment in Moscow. Igor Nebuev did not answer the newspaper’s questions.

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