Benefits of compensation for teachers.  ZUS provided the latest data

The Social Insurance Foundation reported that in February 2024, 12.7 thousand people received teachers' compensation. Teacher compensation benefits are equivalent to bridge pensions. The average amount of the so-called compensation payment in February was about PLN 3.6 thousand.

ZUS data shows that in February 2024, 12.7 thousand people received compensation. the people; The average compensation amount was PLN 3,562.14. A month ago – in January 2024 – 12.9 thousand people received compensation. persons, the average compensation amount was PLN 3,557.64. The number of teachers receiving this benefit in February of this year was lower than it was a year ago and two years ago in the same period.

In February 2023, 13.4 thousand people received compensation. the people; The average compensation amount was PLN 3,018.90. In February 2022, 13.8 thousand people received compensation. the people; The average compensation amount was PLN 2,650.26. Teacher compensation benefits are equivalent to bridge pensions. In February 2024, 40.2 thousand people received bridge pensions. the people. The average height of the bridge was 4711.87 PLN.

Who is eligible for teacher compensation?

Pursuant to the Teacher Compensation Benefits Act, in effect since 2009, these compensation may be awarded to teachers with at least 30 years of experience, including 20 years of teaching and at least one half-time job. The age of eligibility for the return increases in the years 2014-2032, starting from the age of 55 years until reaching the general retirement age. In 2024, a teacher can receive it if he or she is 55 years old (for women) and 60 years old (for men). Compensation benefits are available to teachers working in schools, kindergartens, continuing education institutions, youth education centres, youth social treatment centres, special education centres, and teachers working in public and non-public psychological and pedagogical counseling centres, including specialized counseling centres. Under the law, teachers receiving compensation cannot continue to work in a school, kindergarten or center (for example, part-time), even if the position they hold is not related to teaching, under penalty of suspension of eligibility. However, if a teacher takes on a job other than their own, they can still receive money from the benefit. In 2022, due to the large-scale armed aggression launched by Russia against Ukraine and the influx of refugees from Ukraine, including school-age children, exceptions to this rule were introduced.

Additional funds from the state budget

Pursuant to the Law on Assistance to Citizens of Ukraine in Relation to Armed Conflict on the Territory of this Country, it is possible to employ a teacher receiving a compensatory subsidy, without losing this subsidy, as a teaching assistant or teacher in the preparatory department for students from Ukraine. It is also possible to employ a Polish language teacher or a teacher who conducts additional lessons in the Polish language, as well as a teacher other than a Polish teacher, without loss of compensation entitlement, if an employment relationship is established with him or her, at least one student who is a Ukrainian citizen and resident in Poland is considered to be enrolled school legally. These provisions are in effect through August 31, 2024. Money for teacher compensation does not come from contributions, but from the state budget. ZUS has provided a special calculator on its website to calculate the amount of teachers' compensation. Each teacher can – by entering his basic data – calculate the expected amount of benefit for him.

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