A graphically impressive rival to The Sims in a long-form video.  inZOI will get a lot of useful functions and mechanics
April 30, 2024, 4:46 p.m

The creators of the inZOI life simulator boast many of the features and mechanics that can be found in their latest game. These include, among others: driving a car or a reputation system.

Korean studio Krafton has published new material from its latest production – inZOI. They talked about the many useful functions and mechanisms that the competitor will offer SimsShow new parts of gameplay. You can view the materials below.

What's new in inZOI

  1. Driving is implemented in the game, but don't expect anything like that JTA. Moreover, accidents may happen on the road, even fatal ones for ZOI (sim card equivalent).
  2. Various group activities will be available, such as walking, karaoke, excursions, dancing or board games.
  3. A reputation system has been implemented in the game (Here called karma), which, depending on our actions, will unleash good or bad actions and affect the future of the personality.
  4. At night, ZOI may have dreams that will affect their next day. In addition, you can go to a fortune teller who interprets it.
  5. Using the city editing tool, in addition to elements such as vegetation or population density, we will be able to determine weather conditions, season, pollution level or frequency of fires and crimes.
  6. Creators are also setting up editing tools to make it easier for players to create and add their own content.
  7. The game will have a studio that looks like a movie set, where we will be able to create our own scenes. This is to help players get the perfect shot using Photo Mode.
  8. A special space has been created for creators called “Canvas”, where you will be able to share, download and discuss your content.

This must be acknowledged Get away It seems more and more interesting with every ad. The creators seem to have a specific vision for the game that they want to implement and follow through on. Hopefully they make some noise in an already dominant series Sims This kind of life simulation.

Get away It will arrive on PC in late 2024.

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