A Teutonic castle in Masuria for sale.  The price of 12 apartments or three houses in Warsaw

Germanic knights are ranking Persia from Jerusalem, created during the Crusades. Konrad brought them to Poland Mazowiecki In 1226. They took Prussian land and built their fortress at Malbork. in all Poland withThere are dozens of Teutonic castles. If a person has a few million zlotys for free, then one of these locks may become his own.

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This is how the mysterious “Castle in Stupnica” was created, we were there

German castle for sale

in on the World Wide Web An unusual offer appeared from the market Real estate. In Barciany, a large Masurian village lies 18 km north of Kętrzyn and eight km south of the border Together with the Kaliningrad Territory, a Teutonic fortress is on sale, according to the propertyynews.pl portal.

In the description of the auction we can read that it is an excellent example of the military architecture of the Teutonic Order. It is one of the best preserved places closing A monastery, i.e. a building erected as the seat of the regional authority and the knights who make up its staff.

Or not work The construction of the castle probably began before 1380, and was finally completed in the 1520s. For many years it was a springboard for the Teutonic Knights who plundered the neighboring town Lithuania And the royal star headquarters.

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Teutonic castle to buy. How much does it cost?

Currently, the usable area of ​​the building that can be obtained after the completion of the works is 12835 square metres. In addition, the castle has its own lake, although it is partially enlarged. An undoubted advantage of this facility is that a potential investor can apply for subsidies. According to the sellers, it is a perfect place the hotel.

How much does a medieval castle cost today? Well, the investor estimated it at eight million zlotys, but stipulated that the price is negotiable. It is relatively small, especially considering the average prices from the gate sina For this amount, you can buy 12 apartments in Warsaw (the average price for one is 690,000 PLN) or three houses in the capital (the average price for an apartment is 2,726.250 PLN).

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